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astronavigator n. 1933 D. D. Sharp Messenger from Space in Wonder Stories Jan. 630/1 While Grinstead commanded the ship himself, he had been fortunate enough in securing Captain Halsey, the noted astro-navigator, for his first mate.
earthshine n. 1936 D. D. Sharp Doomed by the Planetoid in Astounding Stories May vi. 75/1 He scanned Reinmuth again. Her metal peaks still cast long shadows, but now Earthshine brightened them. Form and outline were visible now on almost the whole surface, despite white sunshine on metal pinnacles and hills. In the Earthshine something moved far down in a canyon of the metal. It mounted swiftly as though in flight and alarmβ€”half crouching like a great ape rather than a man.
faster-than-light adj. 1940 D. D. Sharp Lodestone Core in Astonishing Stories Aug. 84/1 It must be aluminum alloy and faster than light by three times at least.
space alien n. 1936 D. D. Sharp Doomed by the Planetoid in Astounding Stories May 63/1 He was a space alien again, faring far from Earth.
suit phone n. 1942 D. D. Sharp Death on the Siderite in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 94/2 Tony, my pack-boy, moved step by step further from the head. His suit phone was on. I heard his excited breathing as prayers were whispered to his favorite saints. Cold of the void was in the room.