John Bartelt

2 Quotations from John Bartelt

Asimovian adj. 1 1978 J. Bartelt Mumbles from Minneapolis in Janus (#11) Spring 26/1 Some of Varley’s stories have a similar flavor, with respect to the science and such, but Varley has much better characters and more style than Niven. The end of β€˜Phantom’ made me wonder if there was any Asimovian influence.
neopro n. 1976 J. Bartelt in Janus Dec. 16/2 My first WorldCon was a very enjoyable experience. It seemed that, for me, there was always just barely enough programming to keep you busy, but never any time to go to the movies. [...] I guess my high points were the neo-pro (stretched a bit in my case) workshop and the art auction (where I got an original Sternbach color painting for a good price, partly because the Hugo awards were starting and the crowd was thinning).