Frank J. Brueckel, Jr.

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Ganymedian n. 1928 F. J. Breuckel Moon Men in Amazing Stories Nov. 731/2 Navara gave a little cry of joy and flung herself into the arms of the Ganymedean. [Ibid. 732/2] He looked at the Ganymedean inquisitively.
Ganymedian adj. 1928 F. J. Breuckel Moon Men in Amazing Stories Nov. 726/1 The morning after the long, chilly, dark Ganymedean night, we again resumed the march. [Ibid. 727/1] β€˜Yes, it is,’ I agreed, thinking not of Ganymedean nomenclature, but of terrestrial.
space car n. 1928 F. Brueckel, Jr. Moon Men in Amazing Stories Nov. 720/1 A low hum broke the intense stillness in the room of the space-car, and then we heard the low rumble of an engine.
starship n. 1930 β€˜F. J. Bridge’ War Lord of Venus in Wonder Stories Sept. 296/1 I absolutely forbid you to publish the details concerning the ultra-violet ray which will be the propulsive power of the star-ship.
time paradox n. [1931 β€˜F. J. Bridge’ Via the Time Accelerator in Amazing Stories Jan. 919/1 Once more I was confronted by one of the inexplicable paradoxes of time traveling. Here this man had learned my name before I told it to him; he had learned his own future before it transpired, through history books written half a million years before his birth.]