Hal K. Wells

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Alpha Centaurian n. 1931 H. K. Wells When Moon Turned Green in Astounding Stories May 252/1 Over to the left of the dormant hybrids stood an Alpha Centaurian.
Centaurian n. 1931 H.K. Wells When Moon Turned Green in Astounding Stories May 253/2 The other Centaurian had come hurrying over now to aid its mate.
earthgirl n. 1939 H.K. Wells Moon of Mad Atavism in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 35/1 You have given me an idea, Earthgirl, and it is one that I am afraid you will live to regret.
space explorer n. 1933 H. K. Wells Flame-Worms of Yokku in Amazing Stories Mar. 1137/2 Ran Yok was neither liar nor madman, but the greatest space explorer of all worlds and all time.
thought-reading machine n. 1931 H. K. Wells When Moon Turned Green in Astounding Stories May 253/1 He is going to put the thought-reading machine on your brain. Then he'll learn what the projectile is for, and everything will be lost!
transdimensional adj. 1940 H. K. Wells Dimension-Hazard in Super Science Stories Nov. 43/2 Henry hastily looked himself over in some trepidation to see if he had lost any parts during his weird transdimensional flight. He hadn’t.
Vegan n. 1 1932 H. K. Wells Zehru of Xollar in Astounding Stories Feb. 274/2 Of the seven planets within reach of my net I found only two that promised to be at all suitable. One was your Earth, the other a minor planet circling the star you call Vega. I brought both you and a net-load of Vegans here to this oxygen-filled enclosure I had already prepared. The Vegans were the headless things with the jelly nuclei. I watched your battle with them, and waited to choose as my vehicle the planetary type that proved the stronger. You vanquished the Vegans, so it is in the body of an Earthling that I shall leave Xollar, and it is to the planet Earth that I shall be hurtled through the inter[-]dimensional gate.