Rick Sneary

4 Quotations from Rick Sneary

egoboo n. 1948 R. Sneary Letter in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 98/1 Well after the pile of ego-boo I got in the Oct. issue I just couldn’t let it slip by without telling you what I think of this much heralded issue.
egoboo n. 1948 R. Sneary Letter in Startling Stories Sept. 124/2 Dear Sir: Time, tide and publishers wate for no man, so if I expect to get my monthly dose of ego[-]boo I had better get at it. It really does serve a perpose, I keep telling myself. By interesting the pasifans that write me in ative fandom, I draw in a little new blood.
Hugo n. [1950 R. Sneary in Spacewarp (#41) Aug. The latter is brought out in the plans for awarding ‘Hugo’s’. Mark my word, it will be just like the ‘Oscar’s’, a group patting itself on its own back. ]
thud and blunder n. 1947 R. Sneary Letter in Startling Stories Jan. 98/2 Oh yes, I see Wellman is bringing Captain Future back next issue. I hope it is good. Some of CF aren’t, and Wellman has such a style of his own. He is good but…his big sute if [sic] picturing the viewpoint of other races. I hope this next story don’t drop into that kine of thing. CF has to [sic] much of a thud and blunder past for such a thing.