Sheri S. Tepper

5 Quotations from Sheri S. Tepper

Earthian n. 2 2007 S. S. Tepper Margarets 104 Sister Lorpa spoke Earthian very clearly, in a high, sweet voice, starting without preamble to describe something called the β€˜ghyrm.’ I recognized this as a Cantardene word meaning β€˜eater.’
neural adj. 1990 S. S. Tepper Raising the Stones i. iv. 108 A neuropad at the top of each leg matched up to a neuropad on the body, and when the animal entered its exoskeleton, it simply reestablished neural contact.
out-planet adj. 2003 S. S. Tepper Companions 13 Though out-planet visitors claim to find our separation conventions strange, all our robes and veils, our painted grids, our flow arrows, and the section marks on moving walkways are what keep us sane in public areas.
xeno- prefix 1990 S. S. Tepper Raising the Stones i. vi. 177 We didn’t bring the proper equipment to do excavation. As a matter of fact, we're not trained xeno-archaeologists, and we'll undoubtedly be criticized for even putting a probe into the soil.
xenology n. 1990 S. S. Tepper Raising the Stones i. iv. 127 Included in the protectorate with the gentle Osmers and placid Glothees were the Ninfadelian Porsa, a race of raucous mucusoids so foul and unloveable that even graduate students in xenology, hardened by years of study among primitive and even disgusting societies, could seldom be found to live near the Porsa and study their ways.