Sydney J. Bounds

3 Quotations from Sydney J. Bounds

helicab n. 2009 S. J. Bounds Eden Mystery iii. 35 Overhead, the whirring of rotor blades suddenly drowned out the hunters’ cries. He jerked his head up to see a helicab swooping down and thought petulantly: it wasn’t fair, using a helicab to hunt him from the air—it ought not to be allowed!
porthole n. 1954 S. J. Bounds It's Dark Out There in Authentic Science Fiction Nov. 67/2 One moment there were the moon and stars beyond the porthole; the next, abysmal darkness. Nothing… The rear porthole should have been filled with the immense bulk of Earth. And there was only blackness.
time barrier n. 1953 ‘G. Duncan’ Galactic Quest in New Worlds Science Fiction Jan. 3 The Stella was…building up speed for the instant of transmission which would hurl her through the time-barrier.