Howard V. Hendrix

2 Quotations from Howard V. Hendrix

atomics n. 2 1988 H. V. Hendrix Last Impression of Linda Vista in Aboriginal Science Fiction May–June 60/1 She didn’t use nukes. I use them instead of chemical explosives because atomics let me work in the Hiroshima Shadow Effect.
NAFAL adj. 2014 H. V. Hendrix Habilis in Carbide Tipped Pens: Seventeen Tales of Hard Science Fiction 212 Jinny was the high school sweetheart he married before he caught a NAFAL troopship to the up and out. Quirks of near-light-speed travel and time dilation being what they are, he aged only the two years of his tour fighting the Bots, while Jinny, planetside, aged the twelve years he was gone in her reference frame.