Charles R. Tanner

2 Quotations from Charles R. Tanner

Cerean n. 1943 C. R. Tanner Mutiny in Void in Planet Stories Fall 46/2 ‘There’s going to be mutiny aboard this hunk of fireworks and Cap Tarrant is going to lose his job. Know why? ’Cause I’m one of Hudderfield’s men, and I’ve been working to seize this ship for eight months.’ Manool shuddered. ‘Huddersfield, the Cerean?’ he asked. ‘The very same! Huddersfield has seized an asteroid and intends to start a fleet of rockets.’
fannish adj. 1949 C. R. Tanner Letter in Startling Stories Sept. 144/1 Most of the old fannish activities of former years will be continued, and there’ll be a couple of new things to surprise the fans with. The response of the fans and readers to the request for membership in the Convention Committee has been surprising.