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imaginative adj. 1914 H. P. Lovecraft To All-Story Weekly in Miscellaneous Writings (1995) 496 Particular professors and sober Scotchmen may denounce as childish the desire for imaginative fiction.
Lovecraftian adj. 1927 H. P. Lovecraft Letter 5 July in A. Derleth & D. Wandrei Selected Letters II (1968) 151 I’ll enclose, purely for your personal perusal…two characteristic neo-Lovecraftian outbursts—The Silver Key and The Strange High House in the Mist.
non-terrestrial adj. 1936 H. P. Lovecraft Shadow Out of Time in Astounding Stories June 147/2 It came to me that this was the language used by a captive mind I had known slightly, in my dreams—a mind from a large asteroid on which had survived much of the archaic life and lore of the primal planet whereof it formed a fragment. At the same time I recalled that this level of the archives was devoted to volumes dealing with the non-Terrestrial planets.