Wil McCarthy

6 Quotations from Wil McCarthy

Cerean n. 1994 W. McCarthy Aggressor Six xii. 140 Unlike most Belters, the man was short and thick, his brow beetling heavily above his eyes. A high-gravity look. How did the story go, again? The Cereans, in a century-long fit of isolationist anger, had increased the spin of their moon-sized asteroid until its gravity reversed, then more-than-reversed. They had continued until the outward centrifugal pull at Ceres’s equator was nearly two gee’s, [sic] making landing on the surface nearly impossible at any point not close to the rotational poles.
collapsium n. 1999 W. McCarthy Once Upon a Matter Crushed in Science Fiction Age July 41/1 The crowbar-to-be was in a very delicate stage right now, its collapsium lattice supported by little more than good intentions.
collapsium n. 2005 W. McCarthy To Crush the Moon 105 They had only two uses: they could be squeezed into the tiny black holes from which collapsium was made, or they could be exploited architecturally for their intrinsic gravity, which was considerable.
impervium n. 2005 W. McCarthy To Crush Moon iv. 61 Our armor was struck by multiple projectiles—five-gram impervium wirebombs.
space piracy n. 1990 W. McCarthy What I did with the OTV Grissom in Aboriginal Science Fiction May–June 15/2 You are witnesses to the world’s first act of space piracy.
time patrol n. 2006 W. McCarthy Heisenberg Elementary in Asimov’s Science Fiction Apr.–May 61 Then—finally!—the Time Patrol shows up with funguns blazing, and for once school is, like, actually interesting.