Charles W. Runyon

2 Quotations from Charles W. Runyon

atmosphere suit n. 1977 C. W. Runyon Daughter of the Vine in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 74/2 No problem. Put me in an atmosphere suit, coat it with repellent, and swing me above the vines as you did before.
spacegram n. 1967 C. W. Runyon Youth Addicts in If May iii. 72/2 He told me what had happened: he’d called home and gotten no answer. He’d gone to the house, and it hadn’t been lived in for months. His space gram was unopened, his letters still sealed. Neighbors told him she’d often come home staggering; they thought she’d been drinking. Once they’d found her sitting on the lawn, crying for her daddy and mommy. She’d thought she was back on Scrag...