Tochi Onyebuchi

6 Quotations from Tochi Onyebuchi

cybernetically adv. 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls (2020) xxviii. 205 โ€˜We know who you are,โ€™ one of the soldiers cuts her off. They donโ€™t even sweat, which is how Ify knows they are Augments with cooling systems built into their cybernetically altered bodies.
holo n. 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls ii. 18 Everyone has their tablets out in front of them with holos displayed, but Ify canโ€™t tell what page of the downloaded lesson theyโ€™re on and so has to stumble through image after image after image of nonsense until her holo matches the others.
mech n. 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls (2020) v. 42 When she finally looks up, her cheeks are wet with tears. โ€˜Theyโ€™re going to have to kill me first.โ€™ As she launches herself at the phalanx of enemy mechs, she lets out an animal cry that fills her cockpit. Her mechโ€™s arms unfold to reveal their Gatling guns, and she fires and fires and fires.
skinsuit n. 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls (2020) i. 8 The skinsuits are supposed to collapse to fit like a second layer of flesh for journeys out past the camp, where the radiation gets so thick that skin peels almost instantly.
space shuttle n. 2020 T. Onyebuchi Rebel Sisters i. 5 The deeper they walk into Porte Nouveau, past the communities that have sprouted up around the massive, shimmering, raised pentagram-shaped prism that somehow manages to accommodate traffic from railway trains, maglev matatus, and space shuttles, the less the city seems like chaos and the more it feels like something familiar.
thruster n. 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls lix. 388 Her cockpit shudders. Daren raises his hammer and plunges it down. Onyii powers her thrusters to lift her up, then backward, just out of the way of his strike.