Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

2 Quotations from Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

Callistonian n. 1936 L. A. Eshbach Outpost on Ceres in Amazing Stories Oct. 128/2 You see, this wasnโ€™t an ordinary passenger cruise. Itโ€™s Mr. MacDonaldโ€™s private car which we were using for aโ€”a diplomatic trip to Callisto. The Callistonians are a peaceful people, according to the Ganymedians, so Mr. MacDonald permitted his daughter to represent him. I am the agent for the smaller stockholders; and the two Martians were emissaries from their branch of the company. Venus, of course, had no official representation.
mad scientist n. 1931 L. A. Eshbach A Voice from the Ether in Amazing Stories May 185/2 The resulting death of the mad scientist can well be imagined.