Rajnar Vajra

3 Quotations from Rajnar Vajra

ion gun n. 2003 R. Vajra Shootout at Nokai Corral in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Mar. x. 107/2 ‘Any of you Dust Devils care to astonish us with your profound knowledge of energy weapons? How about you, Dave? Then kindly lose the smirk and listen up. Go ahead, Chou.’ ‘Sure, John, but I hardly consider myself an expert. Here’s what I do know: basically an ion-plasma cannon, or “blast-torch,” is a semi-portable rocket engine combined with an ion gun and a tracking system.’ Larker could tell from the blank looks that he’d already left everyone but Davies a mile behind.
super-scientist n. 2011 R. Vajra Tower of Worlds in Analog Science Fiction & Fact May 37/1 ‘Interesting results. Liana and I become exactly what’s needed to save the day. Example? Without my new body, the sky’s gravity would’ve pinned me down.’ ‘Take more than a year, I bet, for even super-scientists to develop such specific mutagens for people whose DNA’s already shifting.’ ‘Quite possibly.’ ‘But the lottery picked us a year ago. So you rigged it somehow. Should I go on?’
superspace n. 2002 R. Vajra Sidehunter in Analog Science Fiction & Fact June 10/1 My heart was racing and a private pool of sweat was collecting in the small of my back. After two tense months in superspace I was finally down on Parson’s Planet, inside Parson Station. But I still wasn’t feeling overly safe. Five minutes ago I’d had the nastiest scare of my scare-filled career. And right now, something was very wrong.