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Earthish n. 1956 J. Merril Homecalling in Science Fiction Stories Nov. 36/1 If she answered the silly questions right out loud, that was all right too, because they couldnโ€™t understand her anyhow. How would they know Earthish?
jumpship n. 1957 โ€˜R. Sharonโ€™ The โ€˜Ladyโ€™ was a Tramp in Venture Science Fiction Magazine Mar. 45/1 On a Navy transport, a full Lieutenant IBMan would be in charge of SolNav only, with two petty officers under him, both qualified to handle maintenance, and one at least with a Navy rating, capable of relieving him on duty at the control board during the five or twelve or twenty hours it might take to navigate a jump-ship in or out of the obstacle course of clutter and junk and planets and orbits of any given System.
speculative fiction n. 2 1952 โ€˜J. Merrilโ€™ Preface in Beyond Human Ken xii The stories included in this collection were written and published over a period of some fifteen years; I think they are the forerunners of the speculative fiction of tomorrow.