F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre

3 Quotations from F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre

jaunt v. 2001 F. G. MacIntyre Schrödinger’s Cat-Sitter in Analog Science Fiction & Fact July–Aug. 158/1 ‘I’ll have to go out and buy some cat food,’ said Smedley. ‘But this is Zurich in 1926, and I don’t have any Swiss money. Not even a groschen to buy groscheries. Not even a pfennig. Pfooey! Wait a minute: there’s no reason I need to go shopping locally...’ So saying, Smedley unfolded his wormhole and jaunted forth among the infinite tangents of space-time in search of someplace that sold cat food. The thirty-ninth century A.D. was especially noted for its excellent cat food, but when Smedley got there and tried to buy some he discovered that he’d used up all his credit in that particular century.
space cadet n. 1980 F. G. MacIntyre For Cheddar or Worse in Asimov’s Science Fiction Jan. 98 The hatchway hissed open and all the Junior Space Cadets stopped throwing zero-gravity spitballs at each other.
time-path n. 2004 F. G. MacIntyre Annual Annular Annals in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Jan.–Feb. 169/1 ‘Smedley Faversham!’ said the timecop Julie Anne Callender, reaching for her blaster pistol. ‘What the hell are you doing in 1999?’ ‘I’m waiting till the coast is clear,’ said the time-thief. There was dust in his voice. The last time that Patrolwoman Callender had crossed the time-path of Smedley Faversham, he had been young and vigorous. Yet now he seemed incredibly old.