Fox B. Holden

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fleet n. 1955 F. B. Holden Task Mission in Worlds of If Apr. 45/1 The White Whale, of all of Earth’s great fleet of Explorer-class ships, had hung up the most enviable record. She had brought back…rare life-forms, impossible to study effectively in their native habitats.
out-planet n. 1954 F. B. Holden Man the Tech-Men Made in Planet Stories Mar. 78/2 His father, Director Gentech before him, had met death on one of Sol System’s cold, hostile outplanets.
warp speed n. 1952 F. B. Holden Yachting Party in Imagination Jan. 95/2 'Free' speed, with old-fashioned fuel-eating jets which were supposed to be carried as emergency power units only, was forty thousand miles a second at best—warp-speed, depending on the dimension you used, had a top of better than a thousand light-years a minute.