Dwight V. Swain

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Dwight V. Swain

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grav n. 1 1958 D. V. Swain Stay Out of Space! in Imaginative Tales 19/2 He climbed in and depressed the lift-pedal. The gravs took hold.
micro book n. 1953 D. V. Swain Transposed Man in Thrilling Wonder Stories Nov. 25/1 The general lumbered over to a built-in microbook case, ran a blunt thumb across the backs of the reel-cartons on the top shelf, finally pulled one out.
visiscreen n. 1951 D. V. Swain Cry Chaos! in Imagination Sept. 60/1 The exploding flame of pronic [sic; in 1953 ed. โ€˜protonicโ€™] blasts erupted across the short-range visiscreenโ€™s whole viewer.