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Earthean adj. 1952 B. Walton Man of Two Worlds in Space Stories Oct. iii. 18/1 The Outcasts had taken many books with them when they’d been driven from the Colonial City. History made those names familiar. They were Cretan names, Earthean names. King Minos and Daedalus were Cretan, supposedly part of a very ancient Earth culture on a small island off the coast of Greece.
Earthean adj. 1951 B. Walton The Man in Marvel Science Stories Feb. 26/1 That was an ironic and hideous joke of Earthean law.
jet car n. 1946 B. Walton Prisoner of the Brain-Mistress in Planet Stories Summer 84/2 For an instant I followed the sound of the jet-car as it receded toward the red moon outlining the archaic structure of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Jovian n. 1 1948 B. Walton Design for Doomsday in Planet Stories Spring 112/1 No Jovian had ever visited another world in the System, and vice versa. They were neutrals with a strict mutual code of hands off with all other planets.
Lunarian adj. 1953 B. Walton Dreadful Therapy in Science Fiction Quarterly Aug. 11/1 He ruled N’America’s Lunarian Base, together with a small staff of scientific and military personnel.
moon base n. 1947 B. Walton Assignment in Dawn in Planet Stories June–Aug. 73/1 As soon as we take over the atomic laboratories, our first job will be to blow up the Martian’s Moon bases.
plane n. 1947 B. Walton Princess of Chaos in Planet Stories Spring 115/2 Our scientists call them plains [sic]…. But they are really worlds coexistent with this one.
robotic n. 1954 B. Walton Minority Decision in Future Science Fiction (UK ed.) Apr. 44/1 The floating robotic preceded Leydon down a narrow aisle.
robotic adj. 1957 B. Walton Security in Worlds of If Dec. 95/2 Lewis went to the robotic barkeep and started drinking.
space-burned adj. 1969 B. Walton Troubling of Star in Venture Science Fiction Magazine May 98/1 His shaven head and face, in contrast to Rubin’s hollow-eyed pallor, was space-burned to dark mahogany.
transmat n. 1952 B. Walton Doomsday 257 A.G.! in Planet Stories May 74/2 From every city on Mars, via transmat, other rivers of worshippers were debouching into the valley…. Via huge transmats on Terra and Venus, other rivers of worshippers numbering millions were flowing across the void. They, too, would…return by transmat sender to their own worlds.
ultradrive n. 1952 B. Walton To Each His Star in Space Science Fiction May 148/2 A lot of time had rushed past into darkness. Russell had no idea now how long the four of them had been plunging toward the red-rimmed sun that never seemed to get any nearer. When the ultra-drive had gone crazy the four of them had blanked out and nobody could say now how long an interim that had been. Nobody knew what happened to a man who suffered a space-time warping like that.
zero-gravity n. 1955 B. Walton Moon of the World in Fantastic Story Winter 65/1 Everyone has an initial terror of weightlessness when they hit zero gravity. Most can adapt to it after a while if it’s just a physical problem.