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astroengineering n. 1973 C. Sagan Cosmic Connection ii. xxiii. 162 It is not out of the question that a more wholesale rearrangement of our Solar System will begin, first slowly and then at a more rapid rate—astroengineering projects to move the planets about, to rearrange their masses for the convenience of mankind, his descendants, and his inventions.
Dyson sphere n. 1966 P. Fern tr. I. S. Shklovskii & C. Sagan Intelligent Life in the Universe 472 How thick would the shell of a Dyson sphere be? [Ibid. 473] An extraplanetary civilization surrounded by a Dyson sphere would be a very powerful source of infrared radiation.
elsewhen n. 1985 C. Sagan Contact (1997) 322 The Machine goes somewhere, she thought. It was a means of conveyance, an aperture to elsewhere…or elsewhen.
saucerian n. 1973 C. Sagan Chauvinism in Cosmic Connection: Extra-Terrestrial Perspective 43 John Carter could love Dejah Thoris, but, despite what Edgar Rice Burroughs believed, their love could not be consummated. And if it could, a viable offspring would not be possible. Likewise, the category of contact story, now quite fashionable in some UFO enthusiast circles, of sexual contact between human and saucerian—most recently described in a weekly newspaper headline with the modest title ‘We Sexed a Blonde from a Flying Saucer!’—must be relegated to the realm of improbable fantasy. Such crossings are about as reasonable as the mating of a man and a petunia.
solar sailing n. 1973 C. Sagan Cosmic Connection xxiii. 162 Solar sailing, the use of the pressure of sunlight and of the protons and electrons in the solar wind for tripping through the solar system.