Jeanne Robinson

3 Quotations from Jeanne Robinson

astrogating n. 1979 S. Robinson & J. Robinson Stardance (1980) iii. iii. 222 We essentially widened the circle of our orbit until it intersected the Trojan point—decelerating like hell all the way so that we’d be at rest relative to it when we got there. It had to be at least partly by-guess-and-by-God, because any transit in Saturn’s system is a ten-body problem (don’t even think about the Ring), and Bill was an equal partner with the computer in that astrogating job. He did a world-class job, as I had known he would, wasting no fuel and, more important, no passengers.
gravity n. 1977 J. Robinson & S. Robinson Stardance in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Mar. 49/2 I’ll exercise in three gravities, and I’ll sleep in two, and I’ll make this body last. I know I can.
spacehound n. 1978 J. Robinson & S. Robinson Stardance II in Analog Sept. 27/1 My attempts to play seasoned old spacehound to Norrey’s breathless tourist were laughably unsuccessful. No one ever gets jaded to space, and I took deep satisfaction in being the one who introduced Norrey to it.