Gary Gygax

3 Quotations from Gary Gygax

geas n. 1978 G. Gygax Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook 84/1 A geas spell places a magical command upon the creature (usually human or humanoid) to carry out some service, or refrain from some action or course of activity, as desired by the spell caster. The creature must be intelligent, conscious, and under its own volition. While a geas cannot compel a creature to kill itself, or to perform acts which are likely to result in certain death, it can cause almost any other course of action. The spell causes the geased creature to follow the instructions until the geas is completed. Failure to do so will cause the creature to grow sick and die within 1 to 4 weeks. Deviation from or twisting of the instructions causes corresponding loss of strength points until the deviation ceases.
pocket universe n. 1983 G. Gygax Deities & Demigods of World of Greyhawk in Dragon Magazine Jan. 27/1 No one knows where (or when) Istus makes her abode. Some savants postulate that there is a nexus linking the other planes of existence to a pocket universe which only she, and her webs of fate, can enter or exit.
sword and sorcery n. 1979 G. Gygax Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Masters Guide (rev. ed) 8 Keep such individuality in perspective by developing a unique and detailed world based on the rules of Advanced D&D. No two campaigns will ever be the same, but all will have the common ground necessary to maintaining the whole as a viable entity about which you and your players can communicate with the many thousands of others who also find swords& sorcery role playing gaming as an amusing and enjoyable pastime.