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alternate world n. 1987 H. Turtledove Agent of Byzantium (1988) 7 This book, then, draws on heavily on my academic background. Itโ€™s set in the early fourteenth century of an alternate world where Muhammad, instead of founding Islam, converted to Christianity on a trading mission up into Syria.
contragravity n. 1985 H. Turtledove Road Not Taken in Warrior (1986) 282 As inconspicuously as he could, the captain let out a sigh. He did not know what to believe himself, and he had listened to the pilotโ€™s report. How could the locals have flying machines when they did not know contragravity? Togram had heard of a race that used hot-air balloons before it discovered the better way of doing things, but no balloon could have reached the altitude the localsโ€™ flier had achieved, and no balloon could have changed direction, as the pilot had violently insisted this craft had done.
military science fiction n. 2001 H. Turtledove Best Military Science Fiction 20th Century Introd. p. xi, The last two decades of the twentieth century saw a revival of written military science fiction. Jerry Pournelle, a Korean War veteran, has written a number of stirring novels with strong military themes, both with Larry Niven (notably in The Mote in Godโ€™s Eye, a first-contact story, and Footfall, a fine tale of alien invasion) and by himself.
space patrol n. 2006 H. Turtledove Someone Is Stealing the Great Throne Rooms of the Galaxy in Atlantis and Other Places (2010) 324 As Earth has always been, it remains the sleazy-media center of the Galactic Empire. Anything that happens there gets more attention than it deserves, just because it happens there. And so there was an enormous hue and cry. Something Must Be Done! Who got to do it? Why, the Space Patrol, of course. Specifically, Space Cadet Rufus Q. Shupillulimash, a Bon of Bons, a noble of nobles... a fat overgrown hamster with delusions of gender.