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scout ship n. 2019 C. J. Anders City in the Middle of the Night iv. 217 Our ancestors had drones! They had shuttles, scoutships, survival suits. They had computers! And most of it is just sitting out there, where it got crashed by the weather, or the wildlife.
space opera n. 2021 C. J. Anders The Space Opera Was Dying. Then ‘The Expanse’ Transformed the Genre For a New Generation in Esquire 3 Feb. (electronic ed.) Space opera has always carried a lot of baggage, thanks to its roots in imperialism, colonialism and the myth of the rugged explorer who brings civilization with him. It didn’t help that Smith started introducing themes of eugenics into his Lensmen novels, and notoriously racist editor John W. Campbell inserted his ideas of the ‘superior man’ into many of space opera’s formative works.