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Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

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Earth-type adj. 2 2006 A. McCaffrey & E. A. Scarborough Changelings iii. 33 Marmie says we’re not out of the woods so easily...especially since our population is mainly composed of other i.p.’s—inconvenient people. As an Earth-type planet, we are still supposed to accommodate i.p.’s.
spacehand n. 2009 A. McCaffrey & E. A. Scarborough Catalyst xii. 113 ‘There was—a note,’ she said. ‘And Carlton—Jubal’s father—is an old spacehand. This is where he would come. It took me awhile to catch a ride with one of the neighbors who was coming here. I need them to search the station and find my boy. If he didn’t get on board the ship with the cat, he could still be here.’
Terran n. 2 2001 A. McCaffrey & E. A. Scarborough Acorna’s Search (2002) 180 You speak Terran, I speak Terran, we should be able to come up with some kind of understanding.