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dirtsider n. 1984 T. Zahn Return to Fold in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Sept. 15/2 Max I trust. It’s those rinks who're supposed to hold the port steady for us. They're all dirtsiders at heart, you know. Lunatics, every last one of them.
escape pod n. 2001 T. Zahn Angelmass 329 EmDef can have a transport to them in twenty minutes… There’s also a double ring of emergency escape pods set around the tube connecting the catapult and net sections of the station.
hyperspeed n. 2011 T. Zahn Act of War in In Fire Forged 92 Do you have any idea how much this will cost to fix? Or how much it’s going to cost us in acceleration and hyper speed until it is?
landspeeder n. 1997 T. Zahn Star Wars: Specter of the Past 291 A motion to his right caught his eye: his brother Sabmin coming toward the house in that battered old landspeeder of his.
planetside adj. 1991 T. Zahn Star Wars: Heir to Empire (1992) 98 Communications stations flared and went black; planetside industrial targets flared, went dark, then flared again as secondary fires were ignited.
pre-spaceflight adj. 2005 T. Zahn Night Train to Rigel (2006) 302 But as I say, all peoples were beaten back to pre-space-flight levels, some to even preindustrial levels. So matters remained for three hundred years. The Thread still existed, but no one had the capability to reach it. Indeed, for most peoples even the rumor of its existence was lost…. Then, by chance, the Chahwyn discovered a cache of Shonkla-raa technology that had been hidden before war’s end. With it we were able to reach again into space; and with access to the Thread, we gained the stars.
sentient adj. 2001 T. Zahn Angelmass xxviii. 264 ‘What would you say…if I told you I think Angelmass has become sentient?’ ‘I'd probably say you'd been working too hard…it’s a black hole. A fruitcake would have more chance of spontaneously developing sentience than it would.’
sleeper ship n. 2002 T. Zahn Manta's Gift ix. 131 They didn’t arrive by huge colony or sleeper ships or anything else slower-than-light—
Solarian adj. 2013 T. Zahn Call to Arms in Beginnings iv. 141 ‘The uniform could be Solarian,’ Travis affirmed, scanning the search results. ‘But a lot of Core World navies wear something similar. What we could see of the insignia looked more like something the Tahzeeb Navy uses.’
star liner n. 2003 T. Zahn Dragon & Thief 171 Right. Breaking into a strongly built and heavily protected vault aboard a luxury starliner should be just a walk in the park.
suit up v. 1991 T. Zahn Star Wars: Heir to the Empire (1992) 207 If you’ll hold your present position, X-wing, we'll move up close enough to throw a force cylinder out to you… Unless you’d rather suit up and spacewalk across.
vac-suit n. 2013 T. Zahn A Call to Arms in Beginnings 139 Surreptitiously, Travis touched the helmet of his vac suit, fastened securely beside his station. Knowing it was there made him feel marginally safer. Marginally.
vac-suited adj. 2006 T. Zahn Outbound Flight xxiii. 376 He caught a glimpse of vac-suited figures surrounding him as he was enveloped in a tangle of sticky cloth.