Ted White

8 Quotations from Ted White

crudzine n. 1982 T. White Beyond Egoboo in Beardmutterings (#3) 15 Few fans today, weaned on the stories of the Great Fanzines of the Legendary Past, are aware that those halcyon days boasted not only the best of fanzines but also the worst of fanzines. Crudzines published in the fifties may indeed be unrivalled by any of the abominations turned out by inexperienced neofans since.
Earth-norm n. 1970 T. White By Furies Possessed in Amazing Stories Mar. 24/1 Inasmuch as a proper curve had not yet been established for the colonists as a whole, his findings were relevant only to Earth-norm.
elsewhen n. 1967 T. White Jewels of Elsewhen ix. 83 ‘I wonder who they are, and what they do here?’ ‘They asked me the time and place…’ ‘What?… They have come from elsewhen!’
fan v. 1981 T. White Minac in Boonfark (#5) Aug. 20 In the meantime, I’d fanned. I’d been putting out fanzines since I was fifteen. At first they were largely vehicles, as I mentioned, for me to learn mimeography, layout, and a few editorial skills, but as time went on I learned to write.
fankind n. 1967 T. White En Garde! in Algol (#12) 37 Ghod created the Fugghead to bug fankind, so that we might not grow too slothful nor too smug.
Galactic n. 2 1977 D. Bischoff & T. White World of One’s Own in Amazing Stories Oct. 10/2 Do you really think he’ll speak an Earth-derived Galactic?
parking orbit n. 1978 D. Bischoff & T. White Forbidden World in Amazing Stories Jan. 113/2 It took more time than they thought it would, and they had to leave their parking orbit and retreat further from Anteron III to make them safer from any possible reprisals.
three-D n. 1978 D. Bischoff & T. White Forbidden World in Amazing Stories Jan. 107/1 It was…as though the entire adventure had merely been some three-dee program which was fast nearing its climax.