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alien n. 1917 E. R. Burroughs Princess of Mars xii. 118 Your position is a peculiar one…you are a prisoner and yet you give commands which must be obeyed; you are an alien and yet you are a Tharkian chieftain; you are a midget and yet you can kill a mighty warrior with one blow of your fist.
alien adj. 1920 E. R. Burroughs Princess of Mars 62 I was later to witness the results of the discovery of an alien incubator.
cruiser n. 1917 E. R. Burroughs Princess of Mars (1973) 136 Kantos Kan dropped quickly into the darkness, while I rose steadily and at terrific speed raced through the Martian sky followed by a dozen of the air-scout craft which had joined the pursuit, and later by a swift cruiser carrying a hundred men and a battery of rapid-fire guns.
cycle n. 1918 E. R. Burroughs People That Time Forgot in Blue Book Oct. 201/2 ‘...His name is Jor, and both he and my mother came up from the beginning; but one of them, probably my mother, had completed the seven cycles’ (Approximately seven hundred years), ‘with the result that their offspring might be cos-ata-lo, or born as are all the children of your race, my Tom, as you tell me is the fact. ...’
earthman n. 1928 E. R. Burroughs Master Mind of Mars 247 They were even more grotesque than those I had seen in the temple in the city and their trappings were rich beyond the conception of man—Earthman—for the gems of Barsoom scintillate with rays unknown to us and of such gorgeous and blinding beauty as to transcend description.
earthman n. 1928 E. R. Burroughs Master Mind of Mars 2 Such dreams! Always of Mars, and during my waking hours at night my eyes always sought out the Red Planet when he was above the horizon and clung there seeking a solution of the seemingly unfathomable riddle he has presented to the Earthman for ages.
thought wave n. 1934 E. R. Burroughs Swords of Mars in Blue Book Magazine Dec. v. 27/1 I did not even have to speak to it. The mechanical mind that I have installed in the ship responds to thought-waves. I merely have to impart to it the impulse of the thought that wish it to act upon.