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earthling n. 1985 R. Rucker & B. Sterling Storming Cosmos in B. Sterling Globalhead (1994) 18 The dog Laika has been shot into the cosmic void. A good dog, a Russian, an Earthling.
Loonie n. 1995 R. Rucker Loonies Need You in Interzone Apr. 10/2 Monique’s tissues had at least three other basic attractor modes as well: the spread-out ‘puddle’ shape she used for soaking up sun, the sea-going ‘shark’ shape, and the rarely used ‘rocket’ shape that moldies could use to fly between the Earth and the Moon, not that a moldie like Monique had any desire to go to the Moon with its crazed loonie culture of outlaw moldies.
organlegger n. 1987 R. Rucker Wetware in R. Rucker Live Robots (1994) 185 You blew a hole in her head and sold her corpse to the organleggers and used the money to come to the Moon.
transhuman n. 1999 R. Rucker Saucer Wisdom 241 A saucer moves out of the TV screens and envelops Frank. He groans with joy. Unlike the other times, the masters of this saucer rotate themselves into Frank’s field of view without even being asked. To Frank’s great surprise, they’re humans, or rather transhumans: Our descendants from the fifth millennium.
wetware n. 1988 R. Rucker Wetware vi. 66 They did the brain well; they teased out all its sparks and tastes and tangles, all its stimulus/response patterns—the whole biocybernetic software of Cobb’s mind. With this wetware code in hand, the boppers designed a program to simulate Cobb’s personality.