Bruce Pelz

4 Quotations from Bruce Pelz

gafia n. 2 1968 B. Pelz Ivory Hoard in Ankus (#21) May (unpaged) The teenagers who took up science fiction and science fiction fandom in their earliest stages have now reached middle age, and although gafia has winnowed the ranks, enough of them are still active that fandom is going to notice their loss in increasing numbers as the years pass.
kipple n. 1963 B. E. Pelz in Ankus (#8) Aug. 4 The Emperor’s desk was described as just about that messy. Though no apple core was specifically mentioned, there was a half-eaten sandwich among the kipple.
RealSoonNow adv. 1962 B. Pelz Menace of the LASFS (vol. 8, no. 1) 5 Apr. 1 SHAGGY #61 is supposed to be coming out Real Soon Now.
WKF n. 1975 B. E. Pelz in Profanity (#10) June (letters section) 3 (editorial reply to letter) Of course Niven is still speaking to me. He has to, according to this Document that the local WKF’s and BNF’s forced him to sign when we got together some time ago at a place called Runnymede.