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cyborging n. 2008 J. Kessel Last American in Asimov’s Science Fiction Feb. 81 Longevity breakthroughs, new medicine, genetic engineering, cyborging, and AI.
problem story n. 1994 J. Kessel Books: Canons Left and Right in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 24/1 James Blish’s ‘How Beautiful with Banners’ [...] merges speculative exobiology with speculative technology to produce what at first appears to be a problem story in the classic Golden Age pattern: explorer on alien world confronted with deadly challenge based on scientific speculation. [...] Here is a story poised between the problem solving mode of the Campbell era and the characterization/metaphor mode of postmodern sf.
proto-cyberpunk adj. 1994 J. Kessel Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 24/1 They include hard science stories like…Fred Pohl’s in-your-face assault ‘Day Million’, a proto-cyberpunk hymn to accelerating social and technological change.
uptime adv. 1997 J. Kessel Corrupting Dr. Nice (1998) 69 Smuggling a dinosaur uptime would be tricky.