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Earthish n. 1964 M. Moorcock Shores of Death in New Worlds Science Fiction Nov.–Dec. 7 Sahaa the alien looked on politely. Although he could speak Earthish and understand it, much of what was said was well below his own sonic range.
epic fantasy n. 1961 M. Moorcock Putting a Tag on It in Amra May 18 In the Epic Fantasy group the author more or less asks you to accept the background and so on as important because his characters consider it important, then take the story from there, repecting the laws and logic which are to be taken for what they are, and taken seriously.
genre fantasy n. 1977 M. Moorcock in Vortex Apr. 38/1 Writing genre fantasy is the way I earned my living for several years.
matter transmitter n. 2013 M. Moorcock Lost Canal in Old Mars (2015) 375 Later, I worked on a matter transmitter for the Pentagon. I tested it on myself. It went wrong. I was dragged back to old Mars instead.
multiversal adj. 1963 M. Moorcock Blood Red Game in Science Fiction Adventures May 6 The Originators, creators of the multiversal seeding ground for their successors.
multiverse n. 1 1963 M. Moorcock Blood Red Game in Science Fiction Adventures May 3 Yet within it there were many things, many intelligences who did not realise they dwelt in a multiverse since, within itself, it was comprised of many universes, each one separated from the other by dimensions, like leaves between the layers.
multiverse n. 1 1963 M. Moorcock Blood Red Game in Science Fiction Adventures May 2 And, it must be remembered, that in the great multiverse they were a mere scattering of seeds; seeds that must survive many elements if they were to grow.
multiverse n. 1 1975 M. Moorcock Count Brass in Fantastic Stories Aug. 86/2 There are certain devices we invented when we were learning to shift our city through the dimensions—sensors and the like which can probe the various layers of the multiverse.
needle gun n. 1965 M. Moorcock in New Worlds Science Fiction Dec. 52 He saw a German looking down at him, sighting along his weapon. Jerry snapped up his needle-gun and shot him full of steel.
out-system adj. 1964 M. Moorcock Shores of Death in New Worlds Sept.–Oct. 28 The information still comes in—though many of the out-system planets are becoming rather lax about sending theirs.
rimworld n. 1962 M. Moorcock Sundered Worlds in Science Fiction Adventures (#29) Nov.–Dec. 7 Two years previously Renark had suddenly resigned from his position as Warden of the Rim Worlds.
spacemanship n. 2010 M. Moorcock Coming of Terraphiles, or, Pirates of Second Aether! xxviii. 334 How she [sc. the Paine] had been able to sail here, how she resisted the pull of the black hole in order to perform this all-but impossible feat, nobody knew, but it spoke of superb spacemanship and an instinct for the multiverse only a few possessed.
subgenre n. 1961 M. Moorcock Putting a Tag on It in Amra May 15 In this sub-genre I would classify books like "The Worm Ouroboros", "Jurgen", "The Lord of the Rings", "The Once and Future King", Grey Mouser/Fafhrd series, the Conan series, "The Broken Sword", "Well of the Unicorn", etc., usw.
suit phone n. 1965 M. Moorcock Blood Red Game (1977) xii. 106 ‘If I need help I’ll call you in my suit-phone,’ he said as he picked up his discarded helmet. ‘If you need them—suits are here.’ He went to the airlock’s elevator. ‘I’ll keep my suit-phone receiver on. If you see anything—any trace of Mary—let me know. Have the scanners working full-time.’
time track n. 1963 M. Moorcock in New Worlds Science Fiction July 113 We are searching now, trying to pick him up, but outside the Earth’s time-track all is chaotic to our instruments—some defect in out understanding of time.
unhuman n. 2002 M. Moorcock Lost Sorceress of Silent Citadel in D. G. Hartwell Yuear's Best SF 8 (2003) 479 That vital, sturdy, undiluted stuff will bring us back our power and make Mars know her old fear of the unhumans who ruled her before the Sea Kings ruled.