Joy Leache

2 Quotations from Joy Leache

biotech n. 1959 J. Leache Miss Millie’s Rose in Fantastic Universe May 87/2 ‘We’ll take good care of it,’ Sam said, helpfully. ‘What do you know about miniature rose trees?’ she demanded. Sam hemmed and shut up. ‘We are both biotechs,’ I said. ‘We’ll see that it gets water and sun.’
Earther n. 1961 J. Leache Satisfaction Guaranteed in Galaxy Dec. 106/2 ‘I’ll have to find a dentist right away.’ ‘What’s a dentist?’ Man who fixes your teeth.’ ‘But we don’t have teeth,’ Hrom said. ‘I forgot,’ Mis Featherpenny moaned. ‘Oh, Lord, I guess I’ll have to go all the way back to Earth.’ Hrom shook her head. ‘There are a lot of Earthers living on Darius IV. They must have a dentist. There’s a ship every morning.’