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droid n. 1952 M. Wolf Robots of the World! Arise! in Worlds of If July 76/2 ‘Find out anything?’ ‘Yeah. Plenty. Our androids are busy, all right. They’re out in the city, every one of them. We've had a dozen police reports already.’ ‘Police reports! What’s wrong?’Jack shook his head. ‘It’s crazy. They’re swarming all over Carron City.They're stopping robots in the streets—household Robs, commercial Droids, all of them. They just look at them, and then the others quit work and start off with them. The police sent for us to come and get ours.’
earthrise n. 1953 M. Wolf The Statue in Worlds of If Jan. 81/1 It had become almost a ritual with us these last few years, staying up night after night to watch the earthrise.
fanarchist n. 1955 M. Wolf Fandora’s Box in Imagination Apr. 120/1 I enjoyed reading it, but I didn’t agree at all. Guess I’m no Fanarchist at heart. To me, a soapbox makes a poor typewriter stand.
space-born adj. 1 1952 M. Wolf Empty Bottle in Worlds of If Sept. 43/2 It was the space-born ones who were doing most of the talking. The children, the young people, the people no longer young but still born since the voyage started, still looking upon Earth more as a wonderful legend than as their own place of origin.