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plane n. 1927 G. P. Bauer Below Infra Red in Amazing Stories Dec. 883/2 While vibration ceases to affect our senses at 40,000 vibrations per second as sound, we find ourselves conscious again of periodic motion when it reaches 398 trillion times per second; then we hear with our eyes, or see with our ears, whichever you choose. The sensation is in all cases the effect of motion. There is much food for thought, or speculation in the thought that there exist sound-waves that no ear can hear, and color-waves that no eye can see. The (to us) long, dark, soundless space between 40,000 and 398 trillions, and the infinity of range beyond 764 trillions, where light ceases in the universe of motion, makes it possible to indulge in the speculation that there may be beings who live in different planes from ourselves, and who are endowed with sense-organs like our own, only they are tuned to hear and see in a different sphere of motion.