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holoscreen n. 1969 B. W. Aldiss Soft Predicament in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct. 68/2 We had old-fashioned two-dimensional oil paintings, no-mobile, on the walls, and no holoscreen.
New Wave n. 1968 B. W. Aldiss in J. Merril England Swings SF 279 Really, I’m no part of the new wave (don’t even like their stories madly).
shaggy god story n. 1965 ‘Dr. Peristyle’ in New Worlds Science Fiction Oct. 125 I confess to a weakness for the tale where it turns out that all mankind originated from a pair of escaping experimental animals from the lab of a visiting spaceship…. The story-type is a species of lay blasphemy; my label for it is ‘the shaggy god story’…. The shaggy god story is the bane of magazine editors, who get approximately one story per week set in a garden of Eden spelt Ee-Duhn.
shipmind n. 1975 B. W. Aldiss Year by Year the Evil Gains in K. Bulmer New Writings in SF 27 86 But Shipmind was assuring them that the sun ahead had only eight attendant planets, and not nine…. ‘The readings all point to my initial assumptions being one hundred percent correct,’ said Shipmind.