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grandfather paradox n. 1997 J. L. Blaschke Project Timespan in Interzone (#116) Feb. 29/1 The big mess with the timestream has me all bejabbered, with everyone hollering at me, and this one scrawny little guy keeps howling about the grandfather paradox. I’m stewing over this when I meet gramps, so I kill him. Pull out my Colt .45 and bang!
neurolink n. 1998 J. L. Blaschke The Dust in Interzone (#129) Mar. 45/1 β€˜Can you interface?…We need to find out how bad off we are.’ β€˜Yes, I think so.’ He adjusted the neuralink, concentrating.
topside adv. 2007 J. L. Blaschke Final Voyage of La Riaza in Interzone (#210) June 17/2 Hull’s all but lost topside, either ripped or burned away.