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Susan Shwartz

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neopro n. 1995 S. Shwartz China Syndrome in Lan’s Lantern (#43) Mar. 154/1 The young women rising in the newsroom watch her [sc. Yun Ching] the way a neopro would look at Ursula Le Guin. She doesn’t notice, but I do; and they glow when they have their pictures taken with her.
prime directive n. 1997 J. Sherman & S. Shwartz Vulcan’s Forge xiv. 166 It was one thing to, well, bend the Prime Directive a bit.
sublight adj. 1997 J. Sherman & S. Shwartz Vulcan’s Forge xxvii. 306 Spock heard the familiar crackle of sublight communications.
Vestan n. 2004 S. Shwartz Hostile Takeover xi. 111 Ten years after the First Ship settlers had moved from Outside, they’d begun to cut the true apsedras that now housed most of the colony half a mile high deep within Vesta. Expansion was still going on, the plaque said. Excisions, the ‘nice’ word for controlled explosions, were regularly scheduled for delta shift, and all Vestans were drilled (CC moaned inwardly at the pun) in how to fasten down their belongings and what to do in case of an emergency.
Vestan adj. 2004 S. Shwartz Hostile Takeover xv. 151 She let them lead her over to the stationary treadmill and help her strap in. Yes, Ms. understood she had to work up to her full speed, whatever that was. The ’mill whirred into action, and she leaned into it, her legs extending in the long, long Vestan strides that made it easy to rack up immense distances without a whole lot of resistance. Overhead, the monitors showed news, market reports, and announcements.