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beamer n. 1954 J. Harmon Uncompromising People in Spaceway June 100 He…brought the icy barrel of the beamer against his hairy but otherwise bare chest. Moss gave a shiver and slapped the proton-beamer, suction-holster-side in, against the side of his hip.
cybernetically adv. 1961 J. Harmon February Strawberries in Worlds of If Mar. 49/1 The certificate to allow reburial in Virginia hadn’t been impossible to obtain. The doctor had taken the body and Linton’s fortune and fed them both into the maw of his calculators, and by means of the secret, smuggled formulae, Greta would be cybernetically reborn.
jump drive n. 1959 J. Harmon Baker's Dozens in Worlds of If July 103/2 ‘I must escape from this world. You can give a private citizen like me something only a sovereign government can. I want the jump drive.’… ‘The device will be put in your spacer. Use it only in deep space.’
precog v. 1960 J. Harmon Last Trespasser 78/2 I wasn’t convinced that some of the Riders in there won’t precog our plans to save themselves.
Terrestrial n. 2 1957 J. Harmon Break a Leg in Galaxy Science Fiction Nov. 129/1 Charlie’s words were being translated into the native language, of course, but Bronoski’s collars and mine switched them back into Terrestrial.