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everywhen adv. 1955 D. F. Galouye Day the Sun Died in Imagination Science Fiction 67/2 The square was filling with people again—from everywhere, everywhen…men from the distant future on their weightless sleds, some drifting without sleds; Neanderthal hordes; swarthy savages; troops armed with unfamiliar weapons; Grecian and Roman warriors; Egyptian dancing girls—all terrified, all fleeing from one another. [ellipsis in orig.]
plane n. 1961 D. F. Galouye Mirror Image in Worlds of If Sept. 33/2 If you walk in front of a mirror in this plane, the other you will do the same thing in the other plane.
posthuman n. 1954 D. F. Galouye Secret of the Immortals in Imagination Apr. 65/2 Vella was normal! The realization was a horror in Berek’s mind. He and Alarn, besides Osad, were the only two post-humans. She had not completed the natural metamorphosis and could still die!
shuttlecraft n. 1953 D. F. Galouye Fist of Shiva in Imagination Science Fiction May 25/1 Within a month I don’t want a single shuttle craft hopping between here and the Space Station.
telescanner n. 1962 D. F. Galouye Silence of Wings in Fantastic Stories of Imagination Feb. 46/1 Halfway across the plain, Randolph Saul, director of the Cultural Enlistment expedition, snapped off his telescanner, letting the bulky instrument drop back to his chest.