Frank M. Robinson

5 Quotations from Frank M. Robinson

colony planet n. 1952 F. M. Robinson Girls from Earth in Galaxy Science Fiction Jan. vii. 97/2 What danger can a shoplifter do on a colony planet? There’s nothing to steal.
flame pistol n. 1951 F. M. Robinson Untitled Story in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 76/2 Lehman had a flame pistol in his hand and Hayssen promptly dropped to the ground. A beam of purple light flared through the air, cutting through the spot where he had been.
hulled adj. 1955 F. M. Robinson Cosmic Saboteur in Imagination Feb. 63/2 Far out in space, the void was filled with hulled ships and flaring rockets that suddenly mushroomed into gigantic explosions.
needle pistol n. 1951 F. M. Robinson Fire & the Sword in Galaxy Science Fiction Aug. 125/2 He had made sure that a certain box was on board, filled with shiny atomic rifles, needle pistols, and the fat little gas guns. They might be needed.
rocketport n. 1951 F. M. Robinson Fire and the Sword in Galaxy Aug. 126/2 The rocketport, where they were standing surrounded by their luggage, was a grassy valley where the all too infrequent ships could land and discharge cargo or make repairs.