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galactic n. 1 1952 M. Shaara All Way Back in Astounding Science Fiction July 55/2 What kind of a race was this? A race which flew in primitive star ships, yet it had already conquered one of the greatest problems in Galactic history, a problem which had baffled the Galactics for millions of years.
shuttlecraft n. 1954 M. Shaara Sling & the Stone in Imagination Science Fiction Mar. 132/2 In one of the small, light shuttle craft they went from the station to the main rocket.
space-borne adj. 1952 M. Shaara Be Fruitful and Multiply in Space Science Fiction Nov. 56/1 Three intelligent races had already been discovered. Not yet advanced, but capable of advancing. Eventually there would be found a space-borne civilization on a level with Man. And Man would have to be ready.
tri-dim n. 1952 M. Shaara Orphans of Void in Galaxy Science Fiction June 85/1 And then the robots sent a picture. As perfect and as clear as a tridim movie, a rectangular plate took shape in Steffen’s mind.