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Asimovian adj. 1 1942 M. Lesser Letter in Planet Stories Summer 128/2 ‘Black Friar of the Flame’ was an Asimovian masterpiece. Better, all kibitzers please note, than his very good letters. The best part, I guess, was his climaxing space battle.
biotech n. 1951 S. Marlowe Fugue in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 81/1 ‘You were a bio-tech first class, hydroponics division. I—I have a job for you.’ ‘Yes? What’s that?’ ‘Something happened. I don’t know what, but a machine which used to hum doesn’t do it any longer, and the vegetation in ’ponics looks a little sick. The level in the water-storage units is lowering—’ Ker-jon wondered how long the air would last.
three-D n. 1955 ‘M. Lesser’ Dictator in Imagination Jan. 85/2 A man Ellaby’s own size was sitting there, viewing a 3D.