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Alpha Centaurian n. 1942 M. Lesser Letter in Planet Stories Spring 122/2 If you have one of these Alpha Centaurians on hand, please send it to him, orange eyes and all.
Asimovian adj. 1 1942 M. Lesser Letter in Planet Stories Summer 128/2 ‘Black Friar of the Flame’ was an Asimovian masterpiece. Better, all kibitzers please note, than his very good letters. The best part, I guess, was his climaxing space battle.
biotech n. 1951 S. Marlowe Fugue in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 81/1 ‘You were a bio-tech first class, hydroponics division. I—I have a job for you.’ ‘Yes? What’s that?’ ‘Something happened. I don’t know what, but a machine which used to hum doesn’t do it any longer, and the vegetation in ’ponics looks a little sick. The level in the water-storage units is lowering—’ Ker-jon wondered how long the air would last.
blast off v. 1956 M. Lesser My Sweetheart’s the Man in the Moon in Infinity Science Fiction Dec. 17/1 The automatic spaceship blasted off for the moon.
Earthbound adj. 2 1950 M. Lesser All Heroes Are Hated! in Amazing Stories Nov. 18/2 In the beginning, a few of the starmen tried, but they were blasted out of space. We’re earthbound. The whole culture is earthbound, with nothing to do. It’s as if the stars don’t exist. And we're going backwards. It’s hard to see in ten years, but with all this unemployment, all the discontent—earth is on the way down.
earthgirl n. 1956 M. Lesser Meet Miss Solar System in Fantastic Universe Apr. 58/1 Jack the Ripper (said the Earth videocaster) has slashed his way into the public eye today by apparently rigging the Beauty Contest in favor of the Earth girl, Dawne Flaim of Richmond, Virginia, then declaring Earth-like Eros out of bounds for the contest, putting Miss Flaim at a terrible disadvantage in competing with the artifically evolved denizens of the outworlds.
Earth-normal adj. 1956 M. Lesser Meet Miss Solar System in Fantastic Universe Apr. 53/2 They’d rigged up a force-field on Eros, holding out the black cold of interplanetary space and holding in Earth-normal atmosphere and artificial gravity for the benefit of the Chairman of the Board of Judges.
ish n. 1942 M. Lesser Letter in Planet Stories Spring 123/1 What strange part of your mind (?) made you reprint Morey’s pic from the third ish.
jet car n. 1952 ‘M. Lesser’ Black Eyes & the Daily Grind in Worlds of If Mar. 80/2 City life hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years. Jet-cars still streak around the circumferential highways, their whistles blaring.
outworld n. 1951 M. Lesser ‘A’ as in Android in Future May 75/2 Orders are beginning to pour in from all over the outworlds.
outworld n. 1954 M. Lesser Revolt of Outworlds in Imagination Dec. 17/1 Equal Union was a farce, he said. Equal Union—with Earth bleeding the Outworlds dry of their resources! Don’t you see, Tremaine? Earth needs our mineral wealth—heavy water from Venus, iron from Mars, lithium and cobalt from the Jovian moons and Titan.
sense of wonder n. 1951 M. Lesser Sense of Wonder in Galaxy Science Fiction Sept. 67 (title) The sense of wonder.
space-bound adj. 2 1957 ‘C. H. Thames’ Think Yourself to Death in Amazing Stories Mar. 117/1 This very night, unless something was done about it, the cache of thermonuclear weapons would be space-bound, the first hydrogen bombs loose in the galaxy for almost five hundred years.
spacehand n. 1951 M. Lesser ‘A’ as in Android in Future May 74/1 Now I heard the anxious stirring among the tough space-hands and miners as they waited for the first wonder of the Saturnian System—Hyperion’s Dancing Girls.
star lane n. 1950 M. Lesser All Heroes Are Hated! in Amazing Stories Nov. 18/1 And earth had lived on the luxury trade of the star-lanes.
three-D n. 1955 ‘M. Lesser’ Dictator in Imagination Jan. 85/2 A man Ellaby’s own size was sitting there, viewing a 3D.
vac-suit n. 1951 M. Lesser Pen Pal in Galaxy July 130 Our crew….made a crash landing there. We could survive in the vac-suits, of course, but the thlomots were after us almost at once.
vac-suited adj. 1952 M. Lesser Jungle in the Sky in Worlds of If May 31/1 A vac-suited man met them at the airloc, and Steve saw LeClarc’s face through the glassite helmet.