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completist n. 1940 ‘D. Wilson’ Strictly Public in Science Fiction Weekly (vol. 1, iss. 3) 1 Apr. 4 We’ve been thinking for quite a while that Something Ought to be Done about the deluge of comic books that is slowly but surely driving completists crazy.
empathist n. 1957 R. Wilson Locus Focus in Science Fiction Quarterly Aug. 33/2 It was while we were sitting in the Chock Full o’ Nuts on the corner of Worth street, having coffee and cream cheese on date-nut bread, that be told me he was an empathist. ‘An empathist,’ I said. ‘Is that a fancy word for mind reader?’ ‘On the contrary. A so-called “mind reader” absorbs the thoughts of others; an empathist projects thoughts or emotions into others’ minds.’
gafia n. 1 1940 D. Wilson Strictly Public in Science Fiction Weekly 12 Apr. 4/1 The Local & Benevolent Order of Gafia is the latest contribution of this department to the finer arts of fandom.
Martian n. 2 1937 R. Wilson, Jr. Grogswell Dirk in Cosmic Tales Quarterly (#1) Summer ii. 17 ‘Parlez-vous,’ he began, ‘Francais? Hablo usted manana? Nicht war gesundheit? Pro bono pluribus unum? Hoy ping pong? Ja?’ ‘Oui,’ replied the king. ‘Also Greek, Martian, Jovian, Sanskrit and Pig-Latin. Howza boy?’
planetman n. 1951 R. Wilson Dateline: Mars in Planet Stories May 75/2 His skin was whiter than that of most of his planetmen, and he had no neck to speak of.
planetman n. 1942 R. Wilson Four-Star Planet in Future Apr. 76/2 When the brown folk learned that no further harm would befall them from their planetmen, they too swarmed over, making gentle nuisances of themselves.
rocketport n. 1938 R. Wilson, Jr. Rocketport in Science Fiction News Letter (vol. 1, no. 9) 29 Jan. 2 Grover Whalen, president of the New York World Fair 1939, Inc., announced this week that a feature of the fair will be an intricate working model of an interplanetary rocketport of the future.