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Alpha Centaurian n. 1952 β€˜R. Dee’ Paradox Planet in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 123/1 But then the Alpha Centaurian had shown up. He had drifted in a cosmic derelict who had wandered clear out of his own system.
eetee n. 1953 R. Dee Oh Mesmerist from Mimas! in Planet Stories Jan. 96/2 The brotherly love he instilled in them made every buyer, Earth homo or Eetee, ashamed to jack up the price against his neighbor.
Standard n. 1952 β€˜R. Dee’ Wailing Wall in Galaxy Science Fiction July 31/2 We sent Xavier out to meet the first native that showed up, and the native talked to him. We heard it all by monitoring: his name was Tarvil, he spoke Terran Standard, and he was amicable.