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Alpha Centaurian n. 1952 ‘R. Dee’ Paradox Planet in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 123/1 But then the Alpha Centaurian had shown up. He had drifted in a cosmic derelict who had wandered clear out of his own system.
areography n. 1954 R. Dee Frogs of Mars in Imagination Apr. 111/1 ‘…established conceptions of Martian areography are completely erroneuous,’ the colonel was saying.
Callistan n. 2 1951 ‘R. Dee’ Girl from Callisto in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 76/1 The girl explained everything to him in rapid-fire Callistan.
eetee n. 1953 R. Dee Oh Mesmerist from Mimas! in Planet Stories Jan. 96/2 The brotherly love he instilled in them made every buyer, Earth homo or Eetee, ashamed to jack up the price against his neighbor.
Standard n. 1952 ‘R. Dee’ Wailing Wall in Galaxy Science Fiction July 31/2 We sent Xavier out to meet the first native that showed up, and the native talked to him. We heard it all by monitoring: his name was Tarvil, he spoke Terran Standard, and he was amicable.
superspace n. 1953 ‘˜R. Dee’™ Minister Had to Wait in Fantastic Universe June–“July 142/2 From superspace, the plane of existence immediately above ours…. The energy backlash from our generator must have weakened the spatial barrier between dimensions, enabling them to break through at the point of stress.