Evelyn E. Smith

6 Quotations from Evelyn E. Smith

Aldebaranian n. 1 1957 E. E. Smith Lady from Aldebaran in Fantastic Universe Mar. 69/1 [After a two-headed Denebian argued for two votes:] ‘It seems to me,’ murmured a naturalized Aldebaranian, wrapping her black and gold cloak still more tightly about her arthropod figure, unusually tall and impressive even for one of her species, ‘that if these young gentlemen—er—this young gentleman is—are—allowed two votes, then I should be allowed at least three, because the IQ of the average Aldebaranian is, very conservatively speaking, at least three times that of the average terrestrial.’
Aldebaranian adj. 1957 E. E. Smith Lady from Aldebaran in Fantastic Universe Mar. 76/2 Hitherto we had held aloof from contact with inferior species. But just at that time you see, we happened to be swarming; once in every thousand of your years a new Aldebaranian queen is born, and, of course, a new hive would be necessary. Naturally we would not seek to take over a planet that had an adequate government of its own. But Terra stands sadly in need of a good, coordinated regime. We shall give it to her.
Betelgeusean n. 1 1952 E. E. Smith Tea Tray in Sky in Galaxy Science Fiction Sept. 109/1 ‘Thuban, Thuban, I’ve been thinking,’ sang a buxom Betelgeusian, ‘what a Cosmos this could be, if land masses were transported to replace the wasteful sea.’
Callistan adj. 1952 E. E. Smith Tea Tray in Sky in Galaxy Science Fiction Sept. 101/1 The picture changed on the illuminated panel that filled the forward end of the shelf on which Michael lay. A haggard blonde woman sprawled apathetically in a chair. ‘Rundown, nervous, hypertensive?’ inquired a mellifluous voice. ‘In need of mental therapy? Buy Grugis juice; it’s not expensive. And they swear by it on Meropé.’ A disembodied pair of hands administered a spoonful of Grugis juice to the woman, whereupon her hair turned bright yellow, makeup bloomed on her face, her clothes grew briefer, and she burst into a fast Callistan clog.
Saturnian adj. 1955 E. E. Smith Vilbar Party in Galaxy Science Fiction Jan. 41/2 ‘Welcome to Earth, dear Professor Gzann!’ she exclaimed, mispronouncing his name, of course. Bending down, she kissed him right upon his fuzzy forehead. Kissing was not a Saturnian practice, nor did Narni approve of it; however, he had read enough about Earth to know that Europeans sometimes greeted dignitaries in this peculiar way. Only this place, he had been given to understand, was not Europe but America.
Uranian n. 1952 E. E. Smith Tea Tray in the Sky in Galaxy Sept. 111/2 Mercurians, seventy-eighth floor. A group Vegans, fourteenth floor right…. Uranians, basement.