Theodore R. Cogswell

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Theodore R. Cogswell

4 Quotations from Theodore R. Cogswell

sapient adj. 1953 T. Cogswell Minimum Sentence in Galaxy Science Fiction 122/2 ‘I ain’t paid to get lectured by cockroaches.’ ‘Is, one, inaccurate statement—terrestrial cockroach is not sapient being. Is, two obviously hostile manifestation.’
time hopper n. 1 1975 T. R. Cogswell Grandfather Clause in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 58/1 ‘Did you walk back to 1938 or take a cab?’ Carl chuckled, reached in his jacket pocket, and pulled out a flat, shiny gadget the size of a small transistor radio. ‘Used my little handy-dandy time hopper.’
tri-v n. 1954 T. Cogswell Invasion Report in Galaxy Science Fiction Aug. 89/2 Bill faced the tri-V scanner and held up his hand for attention.
warp n. 1954 T. R. Cogswell Invasion Report in Galaxy Science Fiction Aug. 80/2 Halfway between Earth and Venus there was a sudden shimmer as the Vegan ship slipped out of warp into normal space.