Mort Weisinger

2 Quotations from Mort Weisinger

interplanetary n. 1933 J. Schwartz & M. Weisinger Harry Bates Interview in Science Fiction Digest Feb. 16/2 Thought the UFA film, β€˜The Rocket to the Moon,’ had a stupid plot, but think that the first real good interplanetary movie will be a β€˜beauty and a huge success.’
science fantasy n. 1 1933 M. Weisinger Selling the Pseudo-Scientific Story in Writer’s Digest Apr. 51 It is only during the past few years that science fiction has captured public interest to any noticeable degree. There are no less than six magazines now using the pseudo-scientific story either exclusively or as a regular part of their contents. And there is a growing number of books, plays, and films of the science-fantasy type.